Monday, October 20, 2008

HAahaHa Wurld Sereez AnARky!!1

Just a quick post about the World Series.

I couldn't be happier with the World Series match up. For those who don't know, last night Tampa Bay _____ Rays beat the Bastan Rad Sax to advance on to play the Philthedephia Philthys in the World Series...aaaaaand SCENE!

For starters I can't stand people from Boston. It's not the person, it's...well...yes it is the person. It's the accent, it's the arrogance, it's the clam chowder, it's all that wrapped up in obnoxious New England paper that makes me wish they were still over in Old England. It was seeing tons of them on my honeymoon in Aruba wearing their stupid "I LOVE MY PATS" t-shirts that makes me think they all love their socially awkward, androgynous people.

Also, I hope the whole Postseason on TBS gig was a ratings BOMB for the once proud TBS network. I don't know why I care, but I hate the fact people in Oregon won't be flipping through their channels and see the Braves playing every single game of the season on TBS. This is the equivalent of me being a kid visiting my grandmother during the summer time, and NOT seeing the Cubs and White Sox play on WGN between The Golden Girls and Matlock reruns.
Ben Matlock, loved hotdogs, loved the Braves on TBS

Finally the last thing I'm gonna harp on about this. I will be cheering for the American League team to win for the first time ever. My grandfather would be ashamed, but I can't bring myself to cheer for the Phillies...I just can't. I love the fact there isn't a great backstory to this match-up. I love that it's not the Cubs and the Red Sox like Fox would have ideally wanted. I eat it up. There is a perfectly good backstory with the best team in the National League playing the best team in the American League, it's just a shame this doesn't work for the talking heads running the broadcast. As my Dad told me in reference to the monstrosity the All-Star Game has become, "When the whole production takes precedent over what is actually happening on the field, there is something wrong with the sport".


Ally said...

Amen on the TBS comments! When they screwed the Braves they lost me as a viewer.

I won't and can't cheer for the Phillies, but I'm giddy the Mets collapsed once again! However, I will NEVER in life cheer for an AL team. Just can't do it. So no world series viewing or cheering of any kind for me.

Sweetie said...

I will be cheering for the Rays simply based on the fact I saw them play several years ago against the Yankees at Tropicana Field. And, who wouldn't feel sorry for a team that had more visiting team fans than home team fans.

SRQDawgs15 said...

Come on guys, you all should be cheering for the Rays. There are so many reasons. First, they're playing the Phillies and as Braves' fans that should be enough. Second, they play in the AL East and thus defeated the Yankees and the Red Sox to get here. How can you not cheer for a team that shut those two fan bases up after having the worst record in baseball last year? Personally, I have always liked the Rays, even before the name change and good play on the field, for two reasons. 1) I live 45 minutes from the Trop and 2) my baseball team is the Braves, but because of the AL East foes, why not cheer for the home town Rays in the AL especially since both fan bases hate the same teams (and the Rays actually fight these teams and win on the field now). I went to Game 2 of the ALCS (the 6 hour, 11 inning marathon) and it was awesome. There is no longer more visiting fans than Rays fans and the place gets crazy. Go Rays!

Streit said...

What a performance in the 8th and 9th inning last night by Vanderbilt product David Price. The rookie and former #1 overall pick came in and shut them down. A friend and I were having the conversation the other day about the Rays actually starting him in the World Series. I say why not. The guy has wicked stuff and went an amazing 12-1 in the minors this year, his first full season of pro ball. Even if the Rays don't win the Series, they are stacked on pitching for the next few years.

Mackalicious said...

No kidding Streit, the Braves definitely need to raid the pitching staff because you know Tampa Bay is looking to buy low sell high every single year. I wouldn't doubt if in the next 3 years there is less than 20% of the current squad still out there.