Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The State of Politics in Tennessee

Dear Tennessee:

Stop being crazy. Perhaps the fact it's a down year for the Vols has you turning your attention to politics, but please stop. Perhaps your governor could do a broadcast letting you know guerrilla campaigning of the Tennessee nature isn't really effective for either candidate. At the moment we've got...

-Sarah Palin's email hacker.

-Crazy girl who carved a "B" into her face and claimed a black guy did it.

-White supremacists who plot to assassinate Obama.

This isn't a political blog, but I am seeing a strange trend growing from our neighbors to the north. I'm just ready for the elections to be over nationally AND locally. I can only hear about how Jim Martin kills children and Saxby Chambliss is a tree with the roots of all evil so many time.

But now back to something we can all agree on!


Sweetie said...

And, both Martin and Chambliss scare kids and kick dogs, I heard.

Goat said...

that video was disturbing, but any redneck rendition of jewish rappers has an element of humor.