Friday, October 24, 2008

A Few Quick Notes

I would say thank God it's Friday but unless I get busy I'm gonna be working on Saturday. So I doubt there will be massive amounts of posting today, but if nothing else take comfort in knowing I'm a contributing member of society today and not some lazy bum who does nothing but spend all day cruising around the "blogosphere".

First off, I'd like to thank Auburn for having a down year. It's times like this where future Mackalicious will look back and think "How in the world did we make it through this schedule?". Then I'll remember 2 of the big name teams we played were having down years (lookin' at you Rocky Top) taking some of the weight off. But if we make it through these next two games with no more than 1 loss we'll be in good shape for a quality bowl game (but if I have to choose the loss by all means let it be to LSU). I say once we get back from Jacksonville our home stretch will be much easier than the middle stretch we completed. Looking at it now, Tech looks to be a pretty big game...who'd a thunk it?

Secondly, did anyone else catch Hines Ward on Pardon the Interruption yesterday? Sporting his Georgia hat and dismissing notions that his is a dirty blocker.

The interview was pretty funny especially when he pulled out a copy of the NFL policy on "putting bounties on players". Check it out if you can find it...I couldn't though.

Finally, if I don't get back on later to post anything else, know this. I think the LSU game is going to be our make or break game. If we go into Death Valley and take care of business, play like the game our guys were recruited to play, and leave with a solid performance we'll win and take the next one in Jacksonville. My fear is that we're going to go into this game like it's just another SEC game and play a mediocre game, with numerous mistakes, and penalize ourselves into a loss...heh heh, penalize ourselves.

But seriously we've got to have the breakout game that has become known as the trademark "Turning Point" of Coach Richt's seasons. I think LSU got blown out by Florida because they weren't the better team. I think we should be able to man-handle the tigers because we are the better team, whether we decide to perform is up to the players. My pick? Dawgs 32, LSU 18. Go Dawgs!

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Ally said...

Thanks for the tip on Hines' interview. I just looked it up & found the link in case you want to post it:

Very funny - great to see him in UGA gear!

Geaux Dawgs!