Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

See you Monday, I'm outie.

Saturday prediction...

UGA by 10.

Go Dawgs!

PS. I got a Gator fan to admit Stafford is a great quarterback, I'm feelin' lucky.


Fake TT said...

Ah, yes, I did say that. But I think I recall you saying in the same conversation that you expect our bet to go to the third year. I don't think I have to elaborate for others' benefit anymore than saying our bet was a best two out of three games bet that started last year. I think folks will get the picture.

Mackalicious said...

There is no room for modesty in hotdogging game picks.

Also, nice use of the Larry Munson term "get the picture".

Fake TT said...

Hey Mackie, looks like you were on to something with your prediction. I think you should make a case that when you said "UGA by 10" what you really meant to say was "UGA will only score 10 points, of which 7 will come from an utterly meaningless 4th quarter touchdown, thrown not by Stafford but rather by his backup, while Florida will cruise to 49 points. Knowshon Moreno will look like a DII running back against the Florida front four and linebacking corps, Brandon Spikes will intimidate him on the second play from scrimmage, and Stafford will spend much of the game on his well-cushioned backside". Brilliant!

Mackalicious said...

You got it TT, I totally called it.