Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yesterday = A Good Day

I'm struggling to put together decent posts during the bye week (which makes me wonder what I was writing about before football started), but in honor of my 10,000th page view I just thought I'd let you all know yesterday was a pretty good day.

(really I just hit refresh 10,000 times to get my numbers up)

I've finally moved past the Alabama game and feel that same standard of homeostasis I felt prior to September 27th. I'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and football where Vandy is hosting Gameday. It's like a vacation overseas where all the sports coverage is strange, new, and Vanderbilt is a decent team. I usually pull for Vandy whomever they play, but now do I need to cheer for the Cow College to make sure Vandy drops in the East? WHHAAAAA!?!? Looks like I'll be taking 2 showers Saturday; one for general hygiene, and one to wash off the stink of rooting for ABUURN. Ugh.

Also, my sister's basset hound, Eleanor Roosevelt (yes I know, she named the dog Eleanor Roosevelt), will be staying with us briefly while my sister is overseas. Dogs will outnumber humans in our house and I assume they will mount an all-out offensive attack to overtake the television and watch Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl we still haven't deleted from the DVR.

But back to my original rambling of what a good day yesterday was, I noticed for the first time I was approaching the 10K milestone around lunchtime. I didn't think this little creative outlet would produce such results in just a few months. I appreciate the 50-60 people who stop by on a daily basis, my site-tracker shows me what kind of traffic I'm getting and I'm thrilled daily. So thank you to everyone who swings by and drops a comment letting me know I misspelled something or have posted factual inaccuracies. It motivates me to think of more random stuff that hints at creativity.

Other highlights from yesterday include BBQ at lunch, learning Phish was getting back together, and (my guilty pleasure) Dirty, Sexy, Money returning to television.

I don't allow myself to get "sucked in" to many television dramas primarily because I don't like broadcast corps telling me what I should like, because it causes the exact opposite reaction they hope for and I end up not even giving it a chance. There are a few exceptions however.
#1 Dirty Sexy Money
#2 Nip/Tuck
#3 Days of Our Lives (but only for 1 season when I was in college, and it was really interesting because Jon Black's ex-wife Marlena was possessed, there was a tiger running loose through New Salem, a masked man was going around "killing people" but was really taking them to a strange island, and Sami and Lucas were THIS CLOSE to getting back together until that ho-bag Chloe came into the picture.)

Most other shows I like get cancelled, like Notes From the Underbelly. Anyone remember that one? It was hilarious, but got tossed after the writers strike.

Geez, I see how prone I am to tangents after looking at the above paragraph.

...and finally, my AC/DC tickets came in the mail, HALES YESH!.

Anyway, thanks again for finding the crap I write about mildly interesting enough to check out daily, here's to 10,000 more hits! So pick up your balls and load up your cannon for a 21 gun salute...


Fake TT said...

Congratulations, Mackie. For all those who ever said you'd never amount to anything, it must be nice to show 'em otherwise. I just wish you didn't use UGA football to do so.

Sammy the Taint said...


Bubba said...

Dirty Sexy Money = Awesome

BFR said...

Ummm...Mackie--we may be the same person. PS I'm totally glad to hear some other red-blooded, American males proudly coming out to claim that they love Dirty Sexy Money. If there were ever a time when no sports were on TV, the only acceptable programming would be DSM and the other shows you mentioned. My only addition, 24...before the fifth season when it became totally banal and predictable.