Tuesday, October 7, 2008

155 lbs @ 6'5"

The title of this post is in regards to my dimensions. I am a skinny, tall guy who was born with the freakish ability to eat whatever I want and never gain weight. Women hate me, burgers fear me, ...come to think of it most women fear me too. Regardless, I wanted to post this tangent about one of my great loves, hamburgers (cheeseburgers to be precise).

I was uber-delighted when I found my new favorite blog. It's called A Hamburger Today and it's all about burgers across America. PLUS it's updated regularly!

From the Krispy Kreme burger:

To the grilled cheese (bun) burger:

This website has opened my eyes to the narrowness of my pleasure in the field of "burger". At the moment, my most exotic burger experience comes from Auburn, AL. When I pledged a fraternity at LaGrange College, we took a road trip to Auburn...for a dinner trip. We ended up at Cheeburger Cheeburger (which I was told closed down but recently heard conflicting reports) home of The Pounder.

The Pounder is a cheesburger that weighs one pound, clever huh? If a patron is capable of eating the whole thing they get their picture taken with a Polaroid camera and it gets put on the wall. Of my pledge class I was one of only 3 who was capable of eating a full pound of cheeseburger (which comes fully loaded with lettuce, tomato, etc...) My buddy Adam Riggins, whos blog is link on the right, also seemed to have room for a milk-shake and fries but that is neither here nor there. So if the Cheeburger Cheeburger is still open in Auburn there is a picture of me and two other guys next to the men's restroom.

This is no strange feat as many have accomplished it before me, but sadly that is all the excitement I have in the burger world. These days I usually stick to turkey burgers at home with the wife, or Bubba Burgers, which are boarderline shameful, when we visit my parents.

Either way, I just wanted to share this with you guys to see if you find the same pleasure I find when you sink your teeth into a thick, juicy cheeseburger. Burgers are not only a well balanced meal (beef-protein, bun-grain, lettuce/pickle-veggie, tomato-fruit, and cheese-dairy) but they are also extremely portable when you aren't in any condition to drive and there is a Wendy's down the street from the fraternity house. This, my friends, is truly God's most perfect meal. Amen!


Bubba said...

I found this Blog about two months ago and can't get enough. I believe I cooked hamburgers 4 times over the next 10 days after finding that site.

Ally said...

I saw the Krispy Kreme and immediately assumed this was a smack post about Fat Phil.

Hunker Down said...

I am a fan of the burger. Love to find places that serve a great hand-packed burger. Also love innovative burgers but not new-age burgers. I'll have to check out that site.

Baxter Sanford said...

The Krispy Kreme burger...I'm not sure if I'm aroused or nauseated. I love both the Krispy Kreme and the burger...very confused...help.

On a lighter note, my favorite bar here has a house special called the Barnyard Burger. It's so special, it's not even on the menu. It takes a special evening (or day) of alcohol before this becomes a great idea: 1/2 pound of beef, too much bacon, 2 fried eggs, lettuce, tomato, & mayo. My wife is frightened when I order this, and I even limit myself to twice a year. I'm sure it's taken more days off of my life than any cigarette I've ever smoked, but every day I've lost in this life is worth it.

Mackalicious said...

@ Baxter, where is this "Barnyard Burger" located?

I've heard down at The Vortex in Atlanta they have quite a selection of mega-burgers like you're talking about but I haven't been there yet.

Joe said...

ummm beef. ummmm Cheeburger X2. Nothing a goat likes more than a cowburger.

Vortex makes a pretty good burger. But equally as good and closer to you: Highland Grill at Town Center. Ashley and I frequent. You should join.

Baxter Sanford said...

Sorry Mack, (and sometimes I'm sorry too) but I live in Jackson, Mississippi now. If you're ever this way, the Barnyard can be found at The Cherokee. This is one of those places that has been around for 50 years, and you can still find some of the original customers sitting at the bar. It was in a dicey place until a few years ago, moving to a newer and "safer" part of town. They went out of their way to make it feel like home though...even painted the ceiling nicotine yellow. About 2 years ago, a young couple bought the place and have been busting their tales to keep it going strong. Just a one of a kind place that fits all the "Cheers" slogans. When the wife and I walk in, we usually have our beers sitting on the bar and a tab already started with our names on top, no matter who is working.

Wow....I'm suddenly getting thirsty.

ps...best hot wings too. No choice as to heat...you just get 'em like they cook 'em. And that's usually damn hot.

Baxter Sanford said...

Hey Mack, without attempting to hijack this thread for more than 20seconds, if you please don't mind...Anyone who saw my now defunct blog, you know I was in a bizarro accident over the summer, and while in the hospital or stuck at home recovering, the old guys at The Cherokee (see above comment) and the owners sent me plate lunches and burgers on the house. If anyone heads this way, be sure to stop in and check it out. I promise you won't order a thing off the menu that you'll regret. Or just trust me on the Barnyard. Just tell 'em Eric and Jackie sent you. Here's a link: