Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I was watching Classic College Football on tv last week and they were showing Georgia vs. Georgia Tech from 1991. As a point of reference this game took place when I was 9 and it was only my first or second year as a Georgia fan attending games (primarily because we'd just moved from Moss Point, Mississippi) and my memory doesn't really serve me well...because I was NINE. Watching Garrison Hearst run wild through Tech's defense on that ugly neon astro-turf was great, but I notice both Hearst and Eric Zeier (among others) had a black heart-shaped patch on their white away jersey. It was in the location of where the captain's "C" would be so I'm assuming it meant the same thing, but I didn't know if any of you guys knew the story behind why it was a heart-shaped patch.

Perhaps if I can't get an answer from any of you guys I can drop a comment card question to Ray Goff next time I go to Zaxby's.

Mmmmmmmmm....finger plate....Auguaguaguaugu (drooling)


DAve said...

If I remember correctly, the heart patch was in memory of a student trainer who passed away earlier that year.

Sports Dawg said...

I wish I had only been 9 in 1991!