Friday, October 10, 2008

True or False

With 3 wins under their collective belt, Clemson still has to play...

-Georgia Tech
-Boston College
-Florida State
-South Carolina

To be honest I think they only have 2 gimmie games in the remainder of their Atlantic Cupcake Conference schedule. Regardless of bowl eligibility...

TRUE or FALSE: Tater Tot finishes the regular season.


JennySue said...

True, but mite need to get rid of his OC, like Tubs did this week down on the Plains.

Mackalicious said...

I think he not only finishes this season but goes on to coach next season as well. I think there is a certain amount of apathy that comes with being a Clemson fan. It's just we hear of how he's on the hot seat every year...but nothing ever happens, why should I expect it to now?

Ally said...

True. Climpsun fans have proven there are no bigger morons on the planet than themselves. They were too stupid to call his bluff last year with that fake Arkansas job and they're too stupid to get rid of him now. You watch, he'll finish with a few wins, including the most important one over SCUm, and the AD will honor his contract.

Plus, lets not forget about his new contract. For all his stupidity in coaching, he was smart enough to demand a little more security when renegotiating his current contract. It would cost IPTAY & Clemson more than 6 million to get rid of him & his staff. They don't have that kind of cash to pay him off AND go after a new coach.

I agree with you Mack; its not gonna happen this year.