Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ignorance in the Presence of Greatness

Paul over at the Georgia Sports Blog posted yesterday how Herschel Walker was selling cupcakes in New York. Aside from making me want to catch a plane up to New York for cupcakes, it reminded me of a story, a shameful story, a VERY shameful story.

Imagine, if you will, back to the year 2007. The streets were filled with horseless carriages, gasoline was a mear $3.68/gallon, and the wife and I had just made a long trip to Tuscaloosa, AL to watch the Classic City Canines take on the Alabama Elephants in a match for the ages. After stopping by a local speakeasy to get our fill on bootleg corn whiskey, a Tuscaloosa Teetotaler...okay I gotta stop with this schtick.

We went to Tuscaloosa for the UGA/Bama game and made plans to stay with one of her friends who was still living there. After the game we went to said person's home where we met up with some of my wife's other college friends who were in town for the game. This is where this story takes a foul and disgusting turn.

My wife's friend, for privacy sake we'll just call her "Lydia", had just met up with us at the house. Of course I am the only Georgia fan there and "Lydia" starts talking about the football game we'd just witnessed that ended with a spectacular overtime win for the Dawgs. You see, "Lydia" had been invited to sit in the Ivory Boxes with an old roommate who is very well to do. The conversation is summarized as follows:

"Lydia": Mackie, there was a Georgia fan in the suite with us!

Me: Oh yeah? I hope he was obnoxious to everyone.

"Lydia": Oh no, he was really nice. I sat next to him and we talked for nearly the entire game, he was just a really nice person!

Me: That's great, I'm glad we were well represented.

"Lydia": Yeah, as a matter of fact, I think he said he played for Georgia!

Me: Oh yeah? What was his name?

"Lydia": I don't remember what he said his name was, but he said he played back in the 80's or something like that, I think he was a rushing back?

Me: I think you mean running back, but wow, that's pretty cool.

"Lydia": Yeah, he said he was on their National Championship team and he won a big trophy.

Me: ..."Lydia"...this wasn't Herschel Walker was it?

"Lydia": YEAH, that was his name! You've heard of him?

Me: ...@#$%&^@#$^*@##$%&@$%, DID YOU GET AN AUTOGRAPH OR ANYTHING?!?!? @#$^@&&@$

"Lydia": No I didn't know who he was!

Me: #$%&#@*^@$%%!@#^$%*#$



Bill Bates made a bad decision in trying to tackle him, but at least he knows who Herschel Walker is.



JennySue said...

Classic, Mack I can promise you that even though I am a girl...I WOULD know who Herschel Walker was. Hell, for example, I'd recognize someone like, say, Jay Barker (QB from Bama for those who don't know) if he were in a suite for the GA game...but only because he married Sara Evans & I heard about it on E! 3 days til tailgate.

sweetie said...

Classic. I'm glad you shared that story.

Ally said...

That was hysterical. I can't believe she'd never heard of him.