Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Thoughts on Old Movies

I just watched Days of Thunder on one of the HD movie channels. I haven't seen this move since I was little and found a few new things to appreciate it.

#1. Robert Duvall's Georgia Bulldogs hat.
(couldn't find a picture but I wish I did)

#2. Apparently this...
...wasn't John C. Reilly's first NASCAR movie. Shake & Bake BABY!

#3. Tom Cruise wasn't driving the #18 Thetan car sponsored by the cult of Scientology.

#4. I look way better in a racecar than Cole Trickle.

Also, one final unrelated thought, Brian Darling is gonna be super-pissed Nick George is the new VP of Darling Enterprises...I'm KNEW Tripp was going to do that!


Sammy the Taint said...

Its because Tripp killed Nicks Father and feels guilty about it.

Mackalicious said...

Guessing by the way this show leads you to think something and then completely snatches it away replacing it with something different, I find it hard to believe Tripp killed Dutch. It would make too much sense. Simon Elder has to be involved in this somehow.

Scott said...

I SERIOUSLY hope Karen isn't as dumb as she appears to be right now. Simon is playing her like Kenny G plays the...whatever that thing is called that he plays. Clarinet? Sax? Recorder?