Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Franklin is to Auburn what Van Gorder is to Southern

I'm not one to criticise...oh hell, even I can't pull that one off. I'm always one to criticise. If I wasn't I won't be blogging about any random happening I think is total dog squeeze.

In my opinion Tony Franklin pushing a spread offense on Auburn was the equivalent of Brian Van Gorder chunking Georgia Southern's Option. It was a dumb idea, but it didn't really have any effect on me so why should I worry. Tubby was in a pickle to replace Gorgeous Al Borges before the Chick-Fil-A Bowl and in my opinion rushed his decision in picking Franklin to take over as OC.

On that same note when Brian Van Gorder left UGA for Georgia Southern's head coaching job, he scrapped the triple option that worked so well the I-AA team. Yeah, Franklin's offense didn't piss off everyone immediately like Van Gorder's idea did, but in the long run they both proved unpopular to large fanbases.

If nothing else this won't give Auburn a chance to have a moment when the players buy into the system like the Tennessee game in Coach Richt's first year. I don't recall where I first read that but I believe it factually to be a turning point. Either way, Franklin getting the boot leaves a good chance the Tigers/War Eagles/Plainsmen might be willing to lay down and concede this as a rebuilding year (which was already announced by multiple fans following the LSU loss, Miss State hockey-score debacle, and the Vandy loss). I'll give it to Tubby though, losing Al Borges and Will "BOOM MF'ER" Muschamp in the same year is a big ugly orange and blue suppository to have inserted into anyone's Hershey highway.

Just remember Auburn fans, Spurrier got the same perscription.

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