Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally Friday

Posting will probably be light today. I've got a ton of work to do before I leave the office to get my gayness-on at Wicked tonight, THEN drive down to Callaway Gardens for the weekend. I'm sure if I get burned out I'll throw some stuff up later, but I wouldn't bank on much informative stuff today...or ever really.

If there was any news of awesomeness it's that my Mom's alma mater assisted in knocking a team out of UGA's way last night. So thanks TCU, you showed those Mormons who's boss! Poor Coach Mendenhall had to tuck his tail and return home to the wives & kids with his winning streak broken. I have no problem with either school, but in general I cheer against the team ranked ahead of the Dawgs.

Again, congratulations TCU, I'm sure my mom didn't even know you guys had a football team much less beat a Top 10 ranked opponent, but deep down inside she's going to be a little happier...because I'm happier, and she loves her baby boy.


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