Monday, May 17, 2010

UgA futball iz teh dOOm3d!

Welcome back to the 10 o'clock hour of the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. Today we're talking about the future of Georgia Football and I gotta tell you,'s not looking good.

When you look around the SEC, one thing is becoming more and more GLARINGLY OBVIOUS. Coach Nick Saban is building something at Alabama and the rest of the conference isn't keeping up. It couldn't be any more GLARINGLY OBVIOUS than when you look at the SEC East...which is in shambles. Tennessee is a wreck, Florida took a hit with the departure of Tim Tebow who has MADE that team for the last 3 years. South Carolina is looking to be the strongest of the pack, and aside from the other 2 whipping boys, you've got Georgia who couldn't be in more of a downward spiral if Russ went down with heartworms. And by the way let me throw this in, MARK MY WORDS, Russ WILL be named UGA VIII for the 2010 season.

So at Georgia, you've got 3 big issues. #1. The state of the defense is up in the air, #2. The poor recruiting class of 2010 isn't going to fare well, and #3. the fans are tired of Mark Richt's excuses.

Lets take a look at these one by one.

#1. State of the defense. So the heat behind Mark Richt finally got so hot he had to make a move and kick his long-time buddy Willie Martinez to the curb to save his own job. After getting turned down not once, not twice, not THRICE, but FOUR PLUS times by Defensive Coordinators who are now currently employed and pulling serious green...Mark Richt had to settle for some NFL defense lines coach whom nobody's ever heard of in Rod Graham.

Make no mistakes about it, the Dawg fans are trying to spin this as a huge win. "OH WE WANTED AN NFL GUY ALL ALONG" or "KIRBY SMART WASN'T EVEN ANYONE WE WERE LOOKING AT" these blind fans are beating their chest over this guy and in reality they're scared to death. Nobody knows a thing about him, and all their hopes and dreams are resting on this guy turning their team around. It's GLARING OBVIOUS the Georgia Bulldogs are in for a rude awakening when 2010 wraps up and they're sitting at 8-5, I tell you what, MARK MY WORDS they'll be LUCKY to get to 7-6.

#2. Lets take a look at how shoddy the state of recruiting has turned at Georgia. 2010 had kids JUMPING SHIP because they saw it was going down quick. DaRick Rogers was smart enough to see it coming and headed to Tennessee to a team that's starting to look pretty solid with that Quarterback kid who would have been second string, but we'll hit on the VOLs another day. The Dawg fans are HOWLING about who's going to even want to step foot in Athens much less sign up to play ball.

It's GLARINGLY OBVIOUS the fanbase is writing off the latest class as a fluke down year, but the storm is coming Dawg fans, MARK MY WORDS. You're about to hear them bragging about the 2011 class, they'll start throwing around "WE GOT A VERBAL FROM THE SPORTING NEWS' #1 QB PROSPECT" or "THE FASTEST KID IN THE STATE JUST COMMITTED"...but if you see either of Christian LeMay or Justin Scott-Wesley wearing a "G" on their helmet I'll eat my crow. And lets not forget about this Sterling Bailey character either, these 3 huge commitments, with a total of nearly 50 offers between them, will have the Dawg fans barking loudly...but its only May, it took them nearly THREE WHOLE WEEKS this month to get verbals outta these guys. Lets see if they decide to stick around.

That brings me to our last point. #3, and MARK MY WORDS, I'm going on record here...Mark Richt will be looking for work in January of 2011. Trust me, I know how fickle the Georgia fanbase is. They are tired of the down seasons. Yes, this was the first one they've had in a while but they aren't going to put up with another one over in Athens this year. And it's unfortunate, I've met Mark Richt many times, he's a great guy, a good person spiritually, but the fans don't want a good person, they want to beat Alabama does.

It's gotten so poisonous over in Athens, I've read on many message boards they're starting to burn effigies of the guy. Rumor has it, if Les Miles turns down the Michigan job he'll be heading East because he can beat Florida and he's tired of losing to Alabama in the West. MARK MY WORDS, its GLARINGLY OBVIOUS, the fans are sick of him and don't even turn out for his excuse making news conferences anymore...

So best of luck Bulldogs, and you know I mean it with the most heartfelt sincerity. I want you to do well, and I want the ship to get turned around, but the Dawg Nation is headed for a world of hurt. There are many rumblings out there that if the SEC proves too tough for the Dawgs, they might petition to join the ACC in an effort to get some wins and not have to play Alabama because they wouldn't be able to beat the Crimson Tide EVER in a million years. But after the beating they took in 2008 at the hand of their instate ACC rivals I doubt that'd be the answer...but I don't make the news, I only report it like I see it.

We're gonna pause for a break on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, stick around after a word from our sponsor...Golden Flake Potato Chips!


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Andy Coleman said...

At least Golden Flakes taste good! This guy tastes like $hit! Funny stuff!

Ollllddude said...

I am sure the words are funny, but I just got where I could breathe again after looking at your photo shop job. (Or maybe that is a real picture?) If the doc says I can, I am going to read the words later.

Dawgfan17 said...

The bad thing is that is hard to tell if you made it up to mock Finebaum or if that was an actual transcript from his show.

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@Dawgfan17, I take that as a compliment.

Dawgfan17 said...

It was a compliment to you and an insult to Finebaum. I live in GA but being on the border (Columbus) everyday on the way to work the only sports talk radio I can pick up is his krap show. I sometimes actually listen just to be able to laugh at the fans that call into the show.

amanda young said...

One word is enough for a wise man.. amanda vanderpool model