Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roger Waters: The Wall Tour

I'm a HUGE Pink Floyd fan. I've been a fan ever since I was in middle school and played little league baseball. How am I able to trace it back to little league baseball? My wife LOVES this story...

One day at baseball practice, I notice one of my teammates mom (whom I thought was HAWT) was wearing a Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt...yep...my love for Pink Floyd started because I bought an album based on the fact my friend's hot mom was wearing their shirt. But that's the shallow side of the story, once I bought the CD I listened all the way through and recognized 4 songs I'd heard from Z93's rotation (R.I.P. Z93) but didn't know the band.
Hey DaveFM, BITE ME.

That record had a listenability that was unique...you didn't put it on to listen to one individual song, you wanted to listen to the whole album start>finish. That was my first brush with concept albums and I was hooked. Pink Floyd immediately became MY band and I've been a huge fan ever since...well...ever since I found out how crappy their last 2 albums were.

How in the world could this incredible band who changed the way I listen to music produce such a poor product?!? The answer lies in the voice that is noticeably missing from those last 2 albums. Roger Waters had left the band.

For those who don't know much about Pink Floyd (or their following) this is a point of contention among the fanbase. Ford fans and Chevy fans, Georgia fans and Tech fans, Coke fans and Pepsi fans, Roger Waters fans and David Gilmour fans. The band split in the mid-80's because Roger Waters left due to the rest of the band not contributing anything worthwhile to the records...can you tell which side I took?

But I've bought all of Roger Waters' solo albums and seen him the last 2 times he came to Atlanta (1999 and 2006) on tour. To me Roger Waters is the voice and creative genius of Pink Floyd's greatest work, and he's on tour again this year.

November 18th at Philips Arena, you can catch what might be the last great rock & roll theatrical experience. He's touring The Wall which is available as an album, a film, or a live performance.

If you are a fan of classic rock, and you haven't experienced this, I strongly urge you to shell out and buy The Wall. You'll be a better person for it and chances are you'll be interested in catching the show in November after a few listens.

You can learn more about the tour at www.rogerwaters.com and if you're looking for show tickets, check out Lava Tickets if you want great seats. Now that I'm gainfully employed and can afford it, I'm flying down to Tampa for the show and THEN coming back up to Atlanta where I've landed 10th row floor seats.

I know the musicians look tacky in this...but it was 1990, I'm pretty sure they've dropped the leather pants and mullets 20 years later.

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