Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remember 2006

I know Georgia has had a tough season this year. But heading into the Auburn game this year, I'm reminded of 2006.

We were a 4-loss team wrapping up a rebuilding year. Our highly touted, freshman quarterback had looked shaky at times...but he was a freshman so we chalked it up to inexperience. There wasn't much else to play for that year but at least we were already bowl eligible.

My boss has been a season ticket holder since he graduated in the 80's and when I asked him if he was making the trip to Auburn that year he laughed and said "If the Dawgs can't show up for Vanderbilt or Kentucky, I wouldn't put much money on me showing up for #5 Auburn."

Cam Newton is good. Auburn is a well-coached team. All signs point to a loss for the Dawgs.

But when we hit the Plains this Saturday, remember 2006. It was the Matthew Stafford & Tra Battle Electric Boogaloo that kicked off a 3 game win-streak and had fans pumped up for the 2007 season. I'm not saying we'll beat them, but we haven't been blown out all year, and I think even the most pessimistic Dawg fan knows that. Our loss average this year has been by 7 points. Last year our loss average was 16+. We're a couple of tipped passes in the Cocktail Party from playing for the East (if's & but's, who cares).

We can't change the past, but we can be supportive and hold our heads high. You can hate Mike Bobo, you can hate Mark Richt, if you dare try to strangle Todd Grantham clearly you will have a fight on your hands...but you can even hate him too. But it won't change the fact that they're in charge of OUR team for the next 3 weeks, and I say, hopefully longer.

It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and it sure as hell ain't over until WE SAY IT IS!

Aaron Murray, this is your time to shine. Put down the Shake Weight and uncork the magic we felt back in 2006. GO DAWGS!


Ally said...

Remember 2006? Oh geez.

Short of Cam Newton breaking both his legs before Saturday we're going to get our fannies handed to us on a silver platter. Anyone thinking otherwise needs to put down their crack pipe. You tweeted yesterday how we had not been blown out this season. Brace yourself, that trend will end in 4 days.

Trust me, preparing yourself for the loss in advance helps. Losing to Flarduh sucked, but it would've sucked harder had i actually expected us to win.

I'll hang up now & listen for the throng of Disney Dawgs to scream ab how i'm a bad UGA fan....

Go Dawgs!

Mackie said...

Ouch. Perhaps I'm the Michael Scott of Georgia Football, always romanticizing that which doesn't work.

Either way, I reject your reality and substitute my own!

Ally said...

Nah, i've never thought of you as a Disney Dawg fan. Disney Dawgs are the folks that think we're gonna win a national championship every year.

Just saying, expecting a big win when we can't manage to beat Colorado, Missy State, SCUm & a down Flarduh is a prelude to misery my friend.

I haven't shared this thought with my Bama husband (who is going to freak when he reads this) but i'm fully expecting our trip to the Iron Bowl in a couple of weeks to end much the same way. Cam Newton is just that good. In fact, i don't think there's any question he's better than Tebow.

Hey, if i'm wrong i'll come back here Monday & write a guest post about how stupid i was, what a bad fan i am & how i should've never doubted Mackie!

Unknown said...


I'm pretty sure the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor... Jsut sayin

Bernie said...

Shush! Bluto's trying to speak!

amanda young said...

Go go go! this is your year Aaron Murray.. keep up the good work.. Amanda Vanderpool