Friday, September 24, 2010

UGA Husband, BAMA Wife

I am a Georgia fan. I bleed red & black. I married a girl who went to Alabama. I've already covered the concept of "team-in-law" but I'm a little unsure about the following:

I don't think the Razorbacks will beat the Crimson Tide this weekend, but who exactly should I cheer for? Do I love Georgia so much that I would actually root against my team-in-law so to not make our loss look that bad? Because obviously if the #1 team in the country couldn't beat Arkansas either then perhaps Georgia's loss wasn't really all that unexpected...right?

I was pondering the above and then I saw this little piece of magic.

Now everything seems so clear!



BulldawgJosh said...

You've got to cheer against Bama. It might cause you to sleep on the couch for a week, but it'll be worth it.

amanda young said...

Yes we definitely cheer for Bama! such a boring if we dont do that! Checkout Amanda