Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoughts on the Dawgs

I've been pondering how exactly to approach the status of UGA football. I don't want Coach Richt fired (ftr I didn't want Jim Donnan fired at the time either) but I don't want to settle for mediocrity. If this just another rebuilding year? The best possible outcome from here is for us to run the table and watch South Carolina and Arkansas play in the SEC Championship Game...(yawn).

I'm not hopping on the FIRE RICHT/BOBO/RUSS bandwagon quite yet. I'm giving this season a chance. I thought Aaron Murray fought valiantly to get us into a tie game after we came out sluggish. I thought the defense made some great stops. I also think Arkansas and South Carolina have some superstar athletes and right now Georgia is struggling to identify a leader while AJ Green is on the sideline.

I think the season can turn around, I really do. Seeing what Paul wrote about the improvement from last year on Defense was a ray of hope toward that. More than 2 TDs and 2PAT cut from the totals against each of the MUCH improved Arky and USC teams is a step in the right direction.

You can say I'm settling for mediocrity and that under Richt Georgia will never win the big one. But right now I don't see any viable options that WILL win the big one. Chris Petersen?!? Bitch, please. Even Dan Hawkins says you have a weak argument.

I'm giving the Dawgs until 2012 to get 10 wins and beat the Gators at least once. If they don't, it doesn't matter because the Mayan calendar says we're all screwed by then anyway.

Time to go on a 5-game tear Dawg fans. Mississippi State is next, time to step up because you can't afford to drop this one! GO DAWGS!


Dawgfan17 said...

Call me naive but I really think that a turn around like 2007 is not just possible but likely. This team, despite some "fans" claiming they have not heart, showed quite a bit of fight in the Arkansas game with the D forcing 3 straight 3 and coming back from the dead in the 4th quarter to tie the game up and have the ball near midfield with a chance to win it. Struggle to any type of win on Saturday, get AJ back, Murray and the D continue to grow a bit each week and get to the UF game 6-2. By then I have a feeling the OL problems will be worked out, AJ will be having fans wowed, Durham will be having a field day as he starts picking on teams #2 corner that he will be getting in single coverage, the te's will have more space to work in as AJ stretches the field and has less blocking responsibilities as teams take a safety out of the box to help on AJ and by the time we get to Jacksonville Murray will be much more experienced. Now if we can just get Rambo to quit biting on play fakes...

amanda young said...

I really hoping Coach Richt will stayed in the team.. its very sadly to know if you get him fired. he's a good team coach to his players.. amanda vanderpool model