Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Homeless Thursday 3

I'd like to institute a new segment here at Blogging Pantsless called the Homeless Thursday 3. These bums will give you thoughtful insight into which picks to make on the 3 biggest upcoming SEC games of the weekend. If you choose to tip the homeless for their sports expertise you might get your car windows cleaned with a spraybottle full of urine and wiped off with a Creative Loafing...God bless.

First up, Homeless Bill:

Our next bum is Ice T Bowman:

Our last expert requested to go by the name DJ X-fatty:

There you have it. Some bold predictions from our panel of urban outdoorsmen, but we will see how their picks unfold next week. Until next time, that's our expert's two cents...which they're going to need back if you can spare it.


Bernie said...

Are these the guys at the top of your Pick 'Em?

Mackie said...

Might be, but typically the homeless aren't the best decision makers. But someone has to pick the upsets, what kind of reputation are they putting on the line?

George Houston said...

Nice work Mackie.

Kevin said...

dude, this is a great feature. simple, smart, funny

Ollllddude said...

The signs are what make it great. (Penn State by a feeled goll) But, that middle guy ain't no meth addict. He simply has too much flesh on his body; probably has his teeth, too. Work a little more on matching the picture with the slur. ;)

amanda young said...

This all guys here are seems to be the top pick of this blog.. Amanda Vanderpool