Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm really looking forward to the Georgia/Abuurn game this weekend. I think the implications of this game will center on who will have the best of two opposing bad seasons. With the best of luck we can match Auburn with a 7-5 season. With a "Jesus in my french-toast" kinda miracle we can win out and sit at 8-4 going into bowl season. I like our chances Saturday, but I wanted to clarify before I go into the meat of this post, that I am a Dawg fan through-and-through. I don't change hats mid-season, and I sure as hell don't fall off any bandwagon the moment Georgia fails to get 10 wins. I bleed red (and black) and there's no doubt in my mind that Georgia Football is NOT dead.

So now that I've cleared the air with verifying my allegiance, I wanted to get some input regarding the metaphorical (and somewhat literal) elephant in the room.

My subject of this post is to address a different issue regarding your Team-in-Law.

For those who don't understand the concept of "Team-in-Law" it's pretty much the same thing as your's the team fanbase you marry into.

Many of you do not have this problem because you either:
A: Aren't married
B: Didn't marry outside your supported institution's fanbase.

As much fun as it was avoiding "Rammer Jammer" the 3 previous times our teams met, last year this picture was taken...

...just before my wife loudly proclaimed that she just beat the hell outta us.

I can admit I have a "BAMA" shirt I wear when Georgia has a bye week. I respect Alabama for their history and The Bear. But should I be in attendance at the SEC Championship what is the appropriate attire in order to support one's Team-in-Law?

I wouldn't want to go all out and be confused with all those "BAMA'S BACK BABY, WOOOOoooooo!!!!1" people but clearly, they are the lesser of the 2 evils meeting in the Dome December 5th. Any help you guys could provide I'd greatly appreciate because you know where my heart is...and it's not with Nick Saban...but it does belong to one of his worshipers.



Pumpdawg said...

You PROUDLY wear Georgia by God Dawgs attire.

Sandy said...

I had this delimma in 07 when my husband and I went to the Dome for the SEC Championship game between LSU and Tennessee. My husband is a die hard Tennessee fan, and I of course, bleed black and red. My husband begged me to wear one of his loud orange shirts in solidarity, and I obliged, because I did say "for better or worse" in my vows. But I did feel sort of tratorish, and that orange did NOTHING for my skin tone. But hubby was happy (until Tennessee lost). Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

Bernie said...

What Pump said...if not, then definitely go pantsless with a houndstooth hat.

Your Team-in-Law will grin and Bear it.

Mackie said...

@ Pump, not a bad idea, my friend.

@Sandy, black folks are the only one's who make orange look good...God bless you for marrying a Vol, he must be loaded.

@Bernie...I like your thinking, Sir.

Ally said...

I fell ya and am in the same predicament. My honey is a 2 time Bama grad (undergrad at Memphis but 2 Masters Degrees at Bama & raised a Bama fan + his sister & bro inlaw are Bama grads & rabid fans). He's been all about the Dawgs this season, wears Georgia gear, LOVES Richt (no joke) & thinks Athens is the best college town on the planet. Yes, i know i lucked out. But even with all that, sometimes i can barely muster a "Roll Tide" because of my intense hatred for Saban. However, now that they are in the SECC game, i have no choice but to don the Bama gear & Roll with The Tide, so to speak. I'm doing this because i adore Jeff & he never asked me too, but mostly because i'm rewarded well ;) [get your minds outta the gutter]. I REFUSE to utter the Rammer Jammer cheer tho.

Let's face it, we both out kicked our coverage in the love department so its the least we can do, 'ya know. Wear the gear & cheer for Bama. Hell its better than pulling for Floriduh.

Wade Wilson said...
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