Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you Know-pumpkin?

Just thought I'd share with ya'll my Halloween project, the Knowshon pumpkin.

#1. Find your picture and do a basic outline on a blank sheet of paper.

#2. Take a nail and go around the outline making tiny puncture holes in the pumpkin's skin.

#3. If using a rotary tool, make sure you put a tarp down. (They pretty much sling everything around.)

#4. Make love to your pumpkin...OH WAIT...I mean, cut air vents...yeah...air vents.

#5. Drill details into design, add light, and wish pumpkins were red. Then you've got yourself a tranny-fierce pumpkin!



Hunker Down said...

That is F'ing awesome. Well done!

Anonymous said...

That is cool. But, my pumpkin is more tranny-fierce.

Earl said...

Its that kind of creativity that has you writing a blog, sir...well done.

The UGA Graduate said...

Nicely done!

Bop said...

I love coming over here to "see what ole mack has put on the web today." You never disappoint.

Ally said...

That is so amazing - love it! I love what y'all did after carving the outline to make Knowshon's image standout. Yours is definitely the best of those PWD showed.

Anonymous said...