Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 Questions with the Enemy

When I went to college I befriended a small group of Florida fans. I have chosen to highlight the weakness of our friendship by interviewing a few of them. I will try to post one interview daily until I run out of friends.

My questions are in bold, Gator responses follow.

Interviewee: Big Philly Style

Relationship: Fraternity Brother, got me my first job (which I left after 5 months), Beer Snob, Film Critic.

1. As a Bulldog, what’s going to make me crap my pants from this Florida team this Saturday?
The combination of Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, Urban Meyer’s defensive plays overall, and Major Wright.

2. Who has been the biggest surprise of the Gator offense and defense so far?
Brandon Spikes and Major Wright. They have been both a defensive and offensive threat.

3. Which of the following films (Kindergarten Cop or Meet the Parents) has had a more profound effect on the man you are today, why?
Definitely Kindergarten Cop due to it being a social commentary on an Austrian who is thrown into a role to intimidate and punish kids. Who Is your daddy and what does he do?

4. If anything what will the Gators do (or not do) to lose this game?
I don’t want to jinx myself. Last year I was so confident, I bet a huge Dawg fan $20 that Florida would cream them. Obviously, I was wrong, and I will not make the same mistake this year.

5. If Urban Meyer was to plan a revenge for Georgia’s endzone celebration last year, what would you want it to be (don’t say winning the game…be creative).
Putting up the same numbers as say the Kentucky blow out last week would be revenge enough to overshadow any post game antics.
(obviously didn't get the "don't say winning" portion)

6. What would you rather have happen in each situation:

a. Georgia win this game or have your mom catch you watching beastiality porn?
How did you know about that?

b. Georgia win this game or catch your girlfriend making out with Matthew Stafford?
Tebow, ok, Stafford, no.

c. Georgia win this game or never know love?
I already know love, and I love Florida

d. Georgia win this game or become a vegetarian?
I don’t need meat, I’m no …

e. Georgia win this game or never be able to see color again?
I don’t see color, I’m no racist.

f. Georgia win this game or lose your pinky toe?
Don’t really need it.

7. What is Tim Tebow’s greatest weakness?
Knowing that Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas.

8. If you could have one of Georgia’s players on Florida’s team who would it be?

This one is a no brainer Mackie….Knowshon Moreno.-he is quite talented.

9. Urban Meyer isn’t your coach and Ron Zook just got fired, which current D1 coach would you want as the new head Gator?
Steve Spurrier.

10. Seriously, what’s the deal with jean shorts?
Fashionable, yet comfortable. Seriously, there are a FEW at BOTH Florida AND Georgia games. What would you say is the UGA equivalent?


You are no longer a Gator fan, you’re new favorite college team is...
UGA (I am probably the only one.)

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A Free Man said...

Lovin' your site this Florida Hate Week. I made the mistake of giving my Gator friend a platform as well. Bastards.

Go Dawgs!