Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Thought

With every passing day, I want to win the first 2 games against Boise State and South Carolina more and more.

So considering the condition of our backfield, I thought I'd throw this out there for Isaiah Crowell...whom I'm sure is an avid reader of blogs who post sparingly.

If you turn out to be the real deal and we start the season 2-0, I'll buy a super-thuggin' Georgia hat like yours and wear it for the rest of the season.

If we win the East I'll wear it through the end of your college career.

If we win the SEC championship, I'll wear it until the damn thing rots off my head.

Now I understand the team will not win or lose on Isaiah's shoulders, but I have faith in our defense, QB, and for the most part the wide receivers (hearing some INCREDIBLE things about Malcolm Mitchell's amp going up to 11)...but if our O-Line can bust open some holes I'd love for Isaiah Crowell to give us the offensive weapon we recruited him to be.



Stephen said...

Just to be clear, im sure you would buy and wear a hat LIKE this, and not actually purchase the hat off of his head, which would involve currency changing hands thus creating a violation of the No-Clue-At-All organization and penalties against our team.

right? Just kidding, I know what you meant. (and id buy one with you)

Mackie said...

Good call, probably best I change that...AAAAAAAAND did.

amanda young said...

It's a thought that count! Amanda Vanderpool