Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday. I turned 28 this morning to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls and coffee my wife had prepared before I departed for work. When I rolled my sorry tail outta bed I was met with a heartwarming "HAP-PY BIRTHDAAAAAY!" like something straight out of Frosty the Snowman a la Rankin-Bass.

It doesn't feel much different than 27, and I'm pretty sure I'm reaching that point where birthdays aren't what they used to be. I've got everything in the world I could ever need, and the only thing that I want is to spend time with my family once I'm off work.

Perhaps this is what birthdays are meant to be about after the thrill of turning 21 wears off. But don't get me wrong, I still like to get my blackout on just as much as the next guy. Now-a-days it just means my tolerance is so low that now I only require a few drinks to party. I would file that under "fiscal responsibility" but the beer I used to drink in college cost $10 for a 500 pack. Refined taste comes with a price tag.

All that aside, I'm looking forward to this evening with my wife and parents. I couldn't be luckier to have people who care this much about me and the occasional person who swings by my blog to read about it.

As a side note, since most of you know what a music fanatic I am, today is also Frank Zappa's birthday. He should be 70 today but instead he's stretched out in an unmarked grave in Los Angeles somewhere. Unfortunately prostate cancer research wasn't really what it is now back in the early 90's (so guys, get your poopers checked). The man was a musical genius and a warrior for the 1st Amendment. Take a minute to watch this interview of Frank on The Today Show that was done just before he passed away.


Ally said...

Happiest of Birthdays Senor Pantsless!!

Wishing abundant blessings & many more years of joy to 1 of the kindest & funniest guys i know.

Hope y'all have a fun night out & Merry Christmas to you & your better half.

SSB Charley said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you. And a nice note on Mr. Zappa. Hard to believe he's been gone that long.

amanda young said...

Happy Birthday Senor Pantsless! may you have many more birthdays to come.. amanda vanderpool model

Anonymous said...

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