Monday, March 29, 2010

A Nice Weekend

I didn't know about this until I heard about it on The Regular Guys, Friday morning, but Saturday they were hosting an Open House at Turner Field.

I got the opportunity to re-enact some of my favorite Braves moments...

1. Otis Nixon
...I was also arrested for cocaine possession afterward.

2. John Rocker
...not as easy as it looks. The purple-haired f@#%^$ from the #7 train are relatively accurate with their battery throwing.

3. Jeff Blauser
Not pictured is the softball size wad of chewing tobacco.

4. Jeff Francoeur
...too soon?

5. Skip Carey
"It looks like a fan from Kennesaw, GA comes away with a souvenir...DON'T STEP ON DOWNED POWERLINES!"

6. Rafael Furcal
About to get WAYSTEAD and go for a drive!

7. Dan Kolb
...just kidding. Had Dan Kolb actually stayed sitting in the bullpen instead of seeing closing opportunities, 2005 might have been a better season. Still makes me angry. The Braves have a notoriously patient fanbase, and if a player brings out this sort of satire from us, then you know something ain't right.

But in all seriousness, it was a fantastic Saturday. We got to Turner Field around noon and got to run the bases, pitch in the bullpen, sit in the dugout, visit the clubhouse & locker room, and got a tour of the pressbox. All of this was free too...even parking which is a miracle in-and-of itself. I had no idea they did this every year but it sure isn't publicized too well because I've seen bigger crowds at a Marlins game. So keep your ears & eyes open next year for this event, it's an absolute blast. Also, if you get there earlier they'll let you catch flyballs in the outfield...unfortunately we were running a little late and they'd already cut the line off.


Bernie said...

Not to be a picker aparter...but wasn't the Otis Nixon era in Atl Fulton Co. Stadium?

If I'm right...and I think that I am....I expect a new picture from the actual spot in the parking to replace that one asap.


Mackie said...

...way to go all Aunt Louisey on me, Bernie.

You are correct none-the-less...I'll schedule the reshoot for Opening Day.

Ally said...

Bernie-I'm a huge Otis Nixon fan! My Dad used to buy season tix every year & this old, sweet lady that sat behind us used to scream (and i mean at deafening levels)

"Hit da baw Otis! Hit da damn baw!!!"

Every time i hear his name or think of him i think of that sweet, old lady :)

George Houston said...

Can I just say that I’m pretty jealous

And while everyone is giving you a hard time, didn’t Otis play center field? The picture you took looks a lot the fence from right field.

When you do the reshoot I want to see the UPs

amanda young said...

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