Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pantsless Predictions: Preamble

We are less than 100 days away from college football. In fact, 98 would be the exact count until the Dawgs head downtown to tee it up between the hedge-funds.

But this brings us to the time of year where college football junkies like myself start to declare this the "Year of the Dawg" and slowly begin a downward spiral towards "OMG HOW R WE GOING TO BEAT (insert worst team on schedule)!?!1?" by the first game's kickoff.

For the guy that once declared Joe Cox would shock the world and lead the Dawgs to victory over the Gators, 2011 year is going to be different.

I expect great things year to year from Georgia. Every Summer, I assume we're going to win the East and then play for a National Championship...then Fall comes around and for the last 2 seasons reality sets in and next thing you know, you put all your hopes and dreams on beating Tech just to save face.

It's been a REALLY long time since UGA had a season as craptacular as last year's. In fact, I believe the Olympics were in town if that tells you anything.
A losing season?!? WHATIZIT?

The SEC East is a bust, South Carolina is the expected to win the division by people OUTSIDE of Columbia?!? When the Gamecocks have established themselves as a front-runner in football, we've GOT to figure this thing out.

I'm a notorious Mark Richt apologist, and I was furious with the guy after we started out kicking a fieldgoal in the red zone against UCF in our post-season celebrity appearance (please dear God don't tell me that was our bowl game). He has a way of melting my heart with his Mayberry smile, his Slingblade haircut, and his overall nice-guy-ness. But dammit under things I want separate, I file my church, my state, my football, and my football coach's likeability.

For Pete's sake the guy can't even sell his lake house out of fear of losing his job!

Aside from what an awesome human being Mark Richt is, we wouldn't know his name if he wasn't the coach of the most popular football team in our state. Sad, but true. We expect this man to lead our football team to Championships every year, so there's a lot on the table for Markie-Mark. My hope is that he shuts up his critics and gets to stay around for another 10 years, but my next few posts will focus on whether or not I think the Dawgs have got what it takes to rebound from an AWFUL season and make the Bulldog Nation fall back in love with Mark Richt.


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amanda young said...

I think the Dawgs have got what it takes to rebound from an AWFUL season and make the Bulldog Nation fall back in love with Mark Richt.Checkout Amanda