Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dawg Suspended.

If the rumors are true that Washaun was just being a punk with an attitude, I really hope he gets his act together. It's beginning to look like Caleb King was feeding his homework to UGA VIII and we'll need a veteran RB out on the field this Fall.

We're all pumped about Isaiah Crowell getting some carries, but in addition to him Ken Malcolm and Carlton (Banks) Thomas would be our only other options if Caleb flunks and Washaun decides he's more important than the team he plays for. Malcolm is a question mark, Thomas is undersized, and we're looking at a true freshman to be our own Marcus Lattimore. I'm glad to have him, but lets keep the horse before the cart.

Last season I had no faith in our running game. I wanted fresh legs to play because our corp was NOT getting it done. I had high hopes after watching Washaun run all over Georgia Tech in 2009, but he started to buy into his own hype and he's looked like a thug ever since. I hope the new S&C program teaches him some humility and gets him prepared to be a leader for these new guys. Otherwise keeping Ealey around to "mentor" highly touted freshmen is a recipe for disaster.

For Coach Richt's own good, here's hoping for an off-season where our players don't attempt to emerge from any alleys. Go Dawgs!

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