Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween!

...from Concussion Tebow.

So I went dressed as Concussion Tebow for my church's Trunk or Treat yesterday. Overall I'd say it slayed. I only got called sacrilegious by one guy (who was an older Gator anyway) but he might have been referring to a testicle that may have popped out as I bent over to tie my shoe.

I got numerous compliments especially from a little kid who yelled out "Tebow wears jean shorts!" when he came to my truck. BTW any kid who yells anti-Florida rhetoric will get extra candy and bonus points from me.

The best part of the day was when a lady came up and said, "Mackie I thought you were a Georgia fan?" Apparently my costume was SO GOOD, she wasn't able to tell the difference between a Bulldog mocking the stereotype of Tim Tebow...and a real Florida fan.

Think of that when you dress like a zombie and don't hear "I didn't know you were the living dead?!?"

Finally to wrap this up, I wanted to let you know not a single penny went toward Florida Gator merchandise. I bought a plain blue sweatshirt from Wal-Mart, cut the sleeves off, and used iron-on graphics I printed off the interwebs. The jorts were made from blue jeans I had from highschool (plus a few washings to get the fray just right).

The only thing I lacked was a surgeon's mask and little bits of Phillipeno foreskin scattered about my jersey...then again, it's football season and it's hard to break away from not actually breaking Herschel Walker's record.


George Houston said...

Sweet! Glad to know that you didn't give the Gayturds any money.

MikeInValdosta said...

Still think I would have had to sack you

genxdawg said...

That's fantastic.

RedCrake said...

If he knew it was for a church event, I'm sure Timmy would've been willing to send you some of his precious and cherished foreskin chunks.

Rex Robinson said...

Well done young man...Go Dawgs!