Tuesday, July 14, 2009

R.I.P. iPod 2005-2009

When I graduated from college my Aunt gave me my first iPod. It was the 30 Gig version that was as thick as a deck of playing cards and had this new technology where you could upload pictures and view them in color! Not movies...just pictures.

A few drops, service appointments, and 4 years later; I'm sad to announce my iPod has passed on. It will no longer hold a charge, or come to life while charging. Kaput.

My dear friend saw me through many phases of music. Classic Rock, Jam Bands, 80's Hair, Jazz, Opera, and the occasional Dogs Barking Christmas Carols. Through my taste in music is a collective mash-up of varying taste, one thing has been always been by my side...my iPod. Goodbye, friend...goodbye.

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MikeInValdosta said...

You will be amazed at how much the prices have dropped. Fear not barknig Christams carols