Monday, March 23, 2009


I know a lot of people aren't fond of the type of articles like:

"SEC Football Teams as Seinfeld Episodes"

"Mascots as Sex & the City Characters"

"NCAA Headcoaches as Fastfood Restaurants"
(hmmm...not a bad idea, I may run with this ball tomorrow)

...but anyway, I love me some celebrity look-a-likes (as referenced...'chare)

Here is something I found via FOX Sports...I wanted to link it but then you'd have to look at all the unfunny ones also (for Pete's sake we all know John Gruden looks like Chucky already!!1).

So to get around their little "I'm not going to let anyone save the pictures I photoshopped together because I'm a gay" attitude, I just did a few screen captures for your amusement.

The guy who was saved by Ace Ventura and The 'Hoff

Nick Johnson and Roy...the paper warehouse guy.

Big Papi and the mother from Goodtimes...nice!

QB Flacco and Ernie's mustache ride. know what? If I ever get any motivation to be a decent blogger I might decide to crop future image postings...maybe.

Until then, I'm tired like Percy Harvin after the Wonderlic...lots of thinkin' today, brain hurts. I'll be a little less worthless tomorrow and hopefully do something right.

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