Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Your Next Big Thing

Lets get this all out on the table right now. Football is gone and I'm struggling to fill the void. Usually in this lull I turn to hockey, but the Thrashers' season is borderline unwatchable it's so bad. If nothing else I take comfort in Braves baseball being right around the corner. Having to put up with our players going to that ridiculous World Baseball Classic is lame and I'd rather the best baseball team in the world be determined at the Olympics...at least then we'd get a decent drug test out of our players.

Until the 30-something days until the MLB season opener, I have allowed my time to be occupied with my new favorite competitive sport...

Competitive Collegiate A Cappella Singing

Much like UGA football, I prefer the college game because the players show more heart and aren't just in it for the money like in professional competitive a cappella singing.

/Technotronic music

Not since Andy Bernard's involvement in Cornell's own Here Comes Treble has competitive a cappella been this exciting!

Check out our guy's video cover of the classic Phil Collins hit, Another Day in Paradise

Their website needs a little updating because at the moment we are awaiting the results of the February 7th ICCA Quarterfinals which were hosted at the Morton Theatre in Athens. If any of you guys know the outcome, please post in comments.

The Varsity Vocals ICCA website posted that our UGA Accidentals defeated a lesser UGA squad (UGA Noteworthy, which are like the Mets of competitive A Cappella) by a score of 410 to 335 points! Also, placing third was the Rice University Philharmonics who only managed 326 points (yet due to a scorecard error still advanced to the Semifinal round...I kid you not).

The Semifinals will be hosted by UNC-Greensboro on March 14th. Our very own Accidentals will be taking on competition from cupcakes like Another Level from Appalachian State to top tier talent like FSU's own AcaBelles who completely DEMOLISHED the University of Florida's Sedoctaves at the UF hosted Quarterfinal 3 last February 28th!

So wet your whistle and don your classiest ascot, it's time for some SERIOUS March Madness competition!

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the tri guy said...

I'm putting my money on the group that gave us the Nard Dog, Cornell's "Here Comes Treble".