Friday, March 20, 2009

Week in review

Well, I'm back at work after spending part of the week in Helen with my inlaws. Aside from 3 screaming babies (age 1,2, and 3) crying at 2am and was a pretty nice trip. We did a lot of gay little kid activities like take pictures, petting zoo, and Babyland General (in Cleveland, GA where Cabbage Patch Kids are born) but it was fun to see incoherent little kids attempting to be amused by grown adults who should know better.

Without a doubt the highlight of the trip was the time spent with my wife making smartass comments about anything and everything to each other. I think I'm a pretty funny guy, but my wife's wit is so sharp it will cut you faster than SUR 13. We had a blast being the only people without kids...because it's really for the best.

At Babyland General we were able to see the miracle of life take place...under the magic crystal tree.

...this picture is either new or 20 years old, because Babyland hasn't been updated in a while.

We were told all about the birth we witnessed including the dilation of the cabbage and how fairies sprinkle magic dust over the cabbage patch to make either the babies either boys or girls! As the Cabbage Patch Kid was born they ask the audience to raise their hand if they've got a name for the child, so I raised my hand. Unfortunately they picked some little girl who suggested some trailor-trash name like Skylar or Crystal.

I was going to offer up the names my wife and I have decided for our first child, Herschel Munson Alicious if it's a boy, or Dooleyanne Belue Alicious if it was a girl. Feeling a little irritated due to the slight, this is when I asked my wife if all the aborted babies get sold off to Boarshead...

...who doesn't like a good abortion joke to kickstart their weekend?!?

But anyway we're back and starting work again. It was good to hear Matthew Stafford put on a laser show rivalling Stone Mountain at Pro Day. Completing 45 of 50 is a good sign you're able to connect to your receivers. Hopefully that translates well in Detroit where Calvin Johnson might be your only hope for completions...if the O-Line gives you enough time. Otherwise on Thanksgiving we'll be watching our boy take more shots to the face than Tebow at Pridefest.

Anyway, happy Friday, suckers.

Enjoy the weekend.


dean said...

Otherwise on Thanksgiving we'll be watching our boy take more shots to the face than Tebow at Pridefest.

Now that's funny. Sick but funny.

Sweetie said...

I don't know... I think the Sauerkraut joke might be a little sicker.

Anonymous said...

Damn, brother. Don't believe I would have told that.