Sunday, March 8, 2009

Movie Review

Since the Orson Charles story is now old news, I decided to post a movie review from my latest trip to the cinema.

Last Friday my buddy Adam Riggins (from the critically acclaimed invited me to go see Watchmen with him. I'd seen the previews and thought it looked cool even though I knew little to nothing about the movie.

The laughs started before the movie as we discovered a shared affinity for sneaking outside food in. Adam had a large soda from McDonalds stuck in his coat jacket (draped over his arm) and I had a dozen buffalo wings, a small order of chili-cheese potato wedges, celery, bleu cheese dressing, and a 40oz of King Cobra in the front pocket of my hooded sweatshirt.

To sum it all up, if you're a fan of Richard Nixon, sex scenes, excessive gore, slo-mo action shots, incredible special effects, and you've always wanted to see a dude from Blue Man Group do full frontal nudity...then you'll love Watchmen.

The storyline was a bit of a mash-up the hardcore fans knew about. However, walking in not knowing anything other than these are a bunch of superheros I've never heard of, I was able to follow it well enough. The only problem was the dang thing lasted for nearly 3 hours and seemed to drag on during some parts. Sure it's for "plot development" but I wasn't so impressed with the story I felt it justified 3 hours.

Oh well, if you're familiar with the graphic novel or going with some other guys I say go for it. Chicks won't be impressed but if nothing else they'll get to see some wieners which I think balance out the boobs for the guys, it's really basic nudity to viewing pleasure mathematics.

Just whatever you do, don't refer to it as THE Watchmen while in line to purchase tickets...all the Georgia Tech fanboys will be quick to correct your titular misnomer. I'm sure the fact they know the proper name of a graphic novel from the '80s gets them poon lined up and down the block so more power to 'em.

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