Friday, March 6, 2009

D-Day for Orson

By the time you make your afternoon commute back home, we'll know if Orson Charles will be our future Tight End (not me, I'm hangin' a bird at The Man and Crip walkin' out the door at 1:00pm).


Regardless of where he commits, I wish nothing but the best for Orson as long as he goes to UGA...

Also, where the normal human mind might associate the name "Orson" with such famous people as Orson Wells, where I differ is I never got past associating him with Orson the Pig from U.S.Acres...go figure.

Happy Friday, suckers.

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Carrie said...

Just had to tell you, I happened upon your blog because I was trying to find a picture of the pig I remember being named Orson. I was out to dinner tonight and someone mentioned Orson Wells. It was then that I felt it necessary to admit to everyone that for many years as a kid, I thought Orson Wells was a pig on the Garfield spin off show on a farm. Just wanted to let you know how excited I was when I read what you wrote.
I realize you may never see this because it looks like it's a pretty old post... but just in case, I wanted you to know, you are not alone!
Peace, Carrie