Friday, March 6, 2009

Mackie's Bodypart Roundtable:

Welcome to the bodypart roundtable for a discussion on Plant High School TE, Orson Charles. Head, you start us off.

Mackie's Head:
Orson Charles will be in Southern California getting more play than a stripper at a Duke Lacrosse party. Between the weather, the beaches, the loose hedonistic women, and the coolest headcoach on Twitter, Charles will be (and wear) a Trojan. Pete Carroll pillaged a #7 jersey and scribbled Charles on the back of it with a Sharpie. The kids going to USC, get over it Heart you still got a great '09 class.

Mackie's Heart:
I beg to differ, Head. If you haven't noticed all the reports from the AJC the kids a good Christian and is praying over his decision with his family. With a classy head coach like Mark Richt who is value-oriented the two personalities line up and everyone who purchased a Matthew Stafford jersey will be able to wear it a few more years as UGA welcomes a new Tight End. Also, 2006 called they want their reference to Duke Lacrosse back.

Mackie's Head:
Charles is playing you for a fool. He told the LA News he was praying to David Lee Roth's hot-pink headband over the decision. I'm sure he spoke with the Knoxville paper regarding his college choice and made them aware he was praying to a tube of Fixodent. He's playing the locals by making them think he's their kind of guy and praying to what's important to them.

Mackie's Heart:
Well, that may be true because I haven't verified. But I think he's a good kid and Athens, GA would be a great fit for him. Not to mention his highschool QB whom he is good friends would still be his QB as a Dawg.

Mackie's Head:'re naive.

Mackie's Heart:
Well, you're excessively critical, skeptical, and lack faith...just like the entire state of California.

Mackie's Rectum*:
I think Knoxville would be a gre...

Heart & Head:
Shut-up Rectum, he's not going to Knoxville.

Mackie's Rectum:
Why not? Knoxville's a great place(...ppppprrrrrrrrrrrrtt) it's got a great marble quarry, excellent women's basketball, that awesome looking gold ball building from the 1982 World's Fair, (...pppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttt) what's not to love!?!

Mackie's Head:
Ugh, Rectum that f#$%'in stinks man!

Mackie's Heart:
I'm glad I'm not near a nose.


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*damn near killed 'em!


Bernie said...

color me a fool being played

+ 100 David Lee Roth's hot pink headband and fixodent references...solid!

the tri guy said...

"Well, you're excessively critical, skeptical, and lack faith...just like the entire state of California."....freakin' awesome! If only you could have worked bankrupt and filled with illegals into that description.

Goat said...

I think this post is an instant Mackie Classic.