Saturday, March 28, 2009

You love me, you REALLY love me!!1

A special thanks to Bernie for the heads up, but I just got a huge bump from being linked to AJC's College Recruiting Twitter.

And it reads:

Best blog name to come 'round the pike in a while from Bulldogs Nation: "Blogging Pantsless"

Thanks a bundle! I completely take back all the nasty stuff I ever wrote about Terence Moore...


BWHAHAHAAAHAHA...AHAAA...Ahaaaaa...aaaahhhh...just kidding, I couldn't even type that without knowing I was totally full of crap. But seriously, thanks for the traffic and recognition!

Any blogger will tell you this kind of attention inspires creative writing, unfortunately for me it only inspires the same type of garbage posts I've been doing for nearly a year now. But nonetheless, I appreciate it and I'll continue to try my best to provide some laughs during the off-season.


I also forgot to mention I'm linked to the AJC's UGA sports section under More College Football, Ya'll. For a while now I've say idley by and watched Bernie's Dawg Blawg being linked in a jealous rage. The only comparison I can think of is to that of the hit television series, Cheers. Where Rebecca Howe had to sit and watch Sam Malone constantly getting to knock boots with Diane Chambers. All she wanted was a piece of that washed up Red Sox pitcher (and recovering alcoholic)...but Diane got all the attention. Now both Diane (Bernie) and Rebecca (Mackie) are getting to have a wicked hot 3-way with Sam (the AJC)...and it's all good. If it hadn't worked out, the same fate would have befallen me as did Kirstie Alley. I would have ballooned up to 400 lbs while eating my feelings (all while carrying John Travolta's talking baby). A fat Mackie, is a sad Mackie...and nobody wants that.

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Bernie said...

If I'm Diane, does that mean I have to lose the beer belly and stop eating cheeseburgers?

Regardless, I lot pretty good in an apron.