Monday, March 30, 2009

Braves Blog

I don't know if any readers are Braves fans, but after I made sure he provided regular updates I'm now linking my buddy The Goat's blog, A Lucid Interval. It actually highlights a current sport unlike Blogging Pantsless which attempts to make UGA news the same way Air Supply attempts to make love (...out of nothing at all).

So catch up with The Goat, or as his filthy lawyer buddies call him "Joe", if you wanna know what my old college roommate thinks about the Bravos. You can find him under the Amigos section.

Personally I'd love to see more speculative rumor-mongering instead of being presented with a bunch of factually correct gobbledygook. Here's a few good places to start for you Goat...

Braves sign veteran outfielder, Kenny Lofton to 5 year deal!

Chief Noc-a-homa arrested after rousing game of grab-ass with newest bunch of Chop Chicks!

Chipper to star in Herpacil commercial!

Francoeur takes out restraining order on local blogger, legal representation for Mackalicious could not be reached for comment.

You can thank me later, Goat.


The Tri Runner said...

Chief Not-A-Homo. lol lol

Joe said...

You're the man Mackie. Thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps upcoming posts can present a blend of truth and rumor... that factual stuff is for reporters.