Saturday, August 18, 2012

AP Poll Released

AP Top 25
  • 1.USC (25)
  • 2.Alabama (17)
  • 3.LSU (16)
  • 4.Oklahoma (1)
  • 5.Oregon
  • 6.Georgia
  • 7.Florida St.
  • 8.Michigan (1)
  • 9.South Carolina
  • 10.Arkansas
  • 11.West Virginia
  • 12.Wisconsin
  • 13.Michigan St.
  • 14.Clemson
  • 15.Texas
  • 16.Virginia Tech
  • 17.Nebraska
  • 18.Ohio St.
  • 19.Oklahoma St.
  • 20.TCU
  • 21.Stanford
  • 22.Kansas St.
  • 23.Florida
  • 24.Boise St.
  • 25.Louisville
I'm not surprised, I figured we'd be in the Top 10 somewhere. I know Phil Steele is high on FSU (having them playing for a National Championship?!) but man...I don't get it. I see them as a Top 20, MAYBE...but definitely not Top 10. Also with Alabama and Michigan both in the Top 10 looks like South Carolina and Arkansas will be moving up quickly after Week 1 (but with a little luck Vandy upsets USCe and they slowly slip back into irrelevancy like early in the 2000's.

I'm assuming Ohio State, TCU, Kansas St, Florida, and Louisville will drop eventually...but Boise St being Boise St will climb and eventually smack their noggin' on a (much deserved) invisible ceiling.

I know a lot of Dawg fans aren't keen on us being #6 (or even on the radar). But it's as simple as taking care of business, I don't mind being Top 10 because the way this screwed up system works it helps to be highly thought of (just ask Auburn circa 2004).

This freakin' season can't get here soon enough.


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