Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pantsless Predictions: Preview of Part I of IIIIIIIIII (10)

So last year I did a HATCHET job picking the Wins/Loses of the Dawgs.

Long story short, I did a lot of traveling last year to watch UGA football and they didn't win a single game I went to...that's pretty crappy to experience (especially because Stillwater, OK is a helluva drive).

But this year I opted to not buy any tickets off the season ticket form I share with a guy. Instead, I decided to spend a jillion dollars on 10th row seats for when Roger Waters comes to town touring the Pink Floyd classic The Wall. That should resolve the bad luck I brought to the team in 2009, but if nothing else you can thank me for getting us enough losses to can Willie Mart...or you can thank Willie yourself...whatever.

I'm omitting UL-Lafa and Idaho State from the Predictions only because I assume we will there's your prediction, looks like they aren't actually omitted after all.

First up will be South Cackalacky. I've been busy the last week dealing with homeowner pleasantries like a broke-down washing machine.
You might be tempted to say "Hey Mackie, it looks like you're missing a few pieces to your washing machine."

I would be tempted to answer "You're right, but she's travelling and she'll be back Friday." ...but I wouldn't do that because my wife reads the blog and would give me that look that encompasses anger, regret, and sadness all in one roll of the eyes.

But I'm getting my act together and as long as the Braves continue to fall apart my focus will continue to shift toward the Dawgs and blogging like kudzu to a telephone poll. Thanks for your patience, football is nearly upon us. Masses rejoice!


TrboDawg said...

Cool - Chinese Dawg fans...

amanda young said...

Patience is a Virtue. that's good to know.. ciao.. Amanda Vanderpool