Monday, January 19, 2009

...wouldn't it be nice

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way for the Steelers to lose the "Super Game*" but still have this guy be the MVP???

(Also did you know there is a website called ?)

Call me cynical but I think the last thing the world needs is a bunch of bratwurst eating union workers having something to brag about.

I love Hines Ward. I think he's an excellent role model, especially because I remember reading a story about how he made it cool to be 1/2 Korean in Korea. (I know it sounds weird but apparently when he was a kid if you weren't 100% Korean it was like Roots over there). But I'm a sucker for underdogs and aside from Hershey's Chocolate I can't think of a single thing I like about the state of Pennsylvania.

Go Cards.

*not even I am brave enough to dare put the word "Super" next to the word "Bowl". Legal ramifications are a 'yotch.


Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania is also home to America's oldest brewery, Yuengling. That has to be worth something doesn't?

I'm cheering for the Cards, at least then the Falcons can say they lost to the Super Game Champions.

Ally said...

Don't forget Arnold Harrison - he's a Steeler, but on the injured reserve list.

Mackalicious said...

Who needs Wikipedia when I've got Ally reading my posts?

Thanks for the heads up!

dean said...

Or the Cards win and Lenard Pope is named MVP. He's a good story as well.

Ally said...

Actually credit is due to Dogbytes - they always keep a running list of Dawgs currently in the NFL.