Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Thoughts

Just a few things:

#1. The dye is cast. Due to Derrick Favors signing with Tech, I'm putting money on Coach Felton not coaching Georgia Basketball next year. If we had signed Favors it might have bought him another season, but the mystic of winning the SEC last year was thrown out the window of a moving car and is currently being picked up by an Indian with a tear in his sad.

My suggestion is we hire him to coach our football team's defense. Hell, if we had a guy who could hold an offense to 40 points we would have beaten Tech last year...HEYOOOOOOOO!!!1 (that joke was a reference to the fact that Felton's Dawgs didn't break 40 points last BASKETBALL.)

#2. Reshad Jones is smoking crack if he thinks he's going to the NFL this year. HE. IS. NOT. READY.

#3. Sorry for light posting the last couple of days, I'm headed to Indianapolis to visit relatives. Mrs. Mackalicious and I are packing up the kids (chihuahuas) and heading up north where today the high is a SWELTERING 1 degree. Let me repeat that, ONE FREAKING DEGREE FAHRENHEIT. Currently it's -9 out there but it's all good, tomorrow the heatwave moves in and we'll hit a high of 8. If you've ever tried to get two little chihuahuas to take a squirt outside when the snow it higher then they are tall, then you know I've got a problem.

#4. For those who remember the first highlight video I made, I received the following email.

Dear Mackie,

Video Disabled

A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Old School Dawg Video. The audio content identified in your video is Light Up The Sky by VAN HALEN. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.

Replace Your Audio with AudioSwap

Don't worry, we have plenty of music available for your use. Please visit our AudioSwap library to learn how you can easily replace the audio in your video with any track from our growing library of fully licensed songs.

Other Options

If you think there's been a mistake, or you have other questions, please visit the Copyright Notice page in your account.

The YouTube Content Identification Team

Apparently I've stepped on the toes of whomever owns the rights to a Van Halen song which wasn't released as a radio single...someone obviously has excessively large shoes. I swear if AC/DC ever pulls my Tennessee video I'll be truly heatbroken. This by far was my Citizen Kane of the 2008 season.

It features my all-time favorite move Knowshon ever pulled out of his Lego playbox @ 3:11, MoMass taking the hit of a lifetime (then Tennessee gets the flag) @ 3:13, and just when you think the highlights end...the bonus footage of Knowshon taking a punch. Truly a masterpiece, but don't think I didn't notice my snub at the Golden Globes. I expect to clean house at the Oscars or it'll be all out war.


Sports Dawg said...

I agree Mack. Felton is probably gone and Jones has no business going. That shoulder tackling act won't cut it in the NFL.

dean said...

I've got to know how you doctored up this video because I swear it looked like we got pressure on the QB and actually tackled.
I couldn't resist. Nice video.