Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greg Reid, welcome to Athens

The AJC is running a story about Under Armour MVP DB Greg Reid. He is the guy who made big news by committing to Florida, then came forward saying "I made a mistake, once I got to know him I found Coach Urban Meyer to be a total douche." (or some variation of rushing into his decision...something like that)

After speaking with Coach Bobo and future Bulldog tailback Washaun Ealey, we've got a visit scheduled with Reid for January 30th. I've said before Athens, GA being Athens, GA is one of our greatest recruitment tools not on salary. Athens is generally at the top of most "Best College Town" polls and it's there for a reason...it's a GREAT college town!

The article used several blurbs making it sound like Greg Reid has a strong streak of state patriotism, after his trip this month I'm assuming his mind will be 75% made up. We can expect his decision on signing day and the AJC claims "it projects to be an all-out war between Georgia and Florida". The only downside of him coming to UGA would be some type of CBS backstory run during the WLOCP.

Come to Georgia, be a star player, I'll put up with your backstory.

Check out the AJC's story right charr.

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the tri guy said...

Yeah, I agree. Like I post on Ally's page: Can we get a tutor down to Valdosta and get this kid qualified. Boy can ball.