Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can has help?

Since obviously our schedule will be changing next season I'll need to update the "Know Thine Enemies" section. My problem has been locating an Oklahoma State Football Blog.

So far, this is the closest I've come to anything remotely relevant to an Okie State Blog.

Where do their fans go for speculative rumors, football bitching, and photoshopped images of Sam Bradford?!?
...I mean besides Blogging Pantsless, of course.

If you've got anything link it in the comments section. I had no luck over the 5 minutes I looked...yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh, I'm pretty lazy.


Ally said...

only 1 I saw on a quick scan. Sorry.

Mackalicious said...

Thanks Ally, I checked it out and it had 2 posts...ever. What I'm looking for (and might not exist) is the same kind of rabid "Is it football season yet? No? How much longer? Damn." type fanblog you find like we present. Again, thanks for looking for me!

Ally said...

Yeah, I know - I was disappointed in my search too. Nothing like the SEC I guess. They do have some rabid message boards though. Here's one that's linked a lot on Big 12 blogs I noticed:

And there is this fanblogs site: