Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Next Step

Best of luck to Matt and Knowshon in the NFL. I think the most important thing about them leaving early is that we as fans not be "bitter" or "angry".

Look this guy square in the eyes and tell him you wouldn't have done the same thing.

...there, much better.

Imagine if you were in Law School and everyday you had to go through an obsticle course with fire, spikes, and one of those huge boulders from Raiders of the Lost Ark. If someone said, hey you're so talented you don't have to go to law school, come work at my practice and make eleventy bajillion dollars (even though you'd still have to go through an obstical course).

Okay so examples were never my forte. Bottom line, take the advice of these guys from one of my favorite television commercials. For some reason this always reminded me of the 35 year old douchebag professionals I've worked with who listen to rap music, kills me everytime.

It's time to look ahead and move on to the positives of next year. Yeah our new QB is a total ginger kid, but the guy with red hair and freckles stepped up against Colorado when Stafford wasn't getting the job done. Joe Cox's leadership abilities is the least of my worries, I'm more concerned about our running back corps.

Caleb King and 'Chard Samuel haven't really thrilled my socks off. Rumour has it we haven't seen much of Samuel because he's having trouble remembering routes. Of course either of them were totes in Knowshon's shadow and that'll be hard to shake off. My eyes turn to Dontavious Jackson to get into the mix and make things interesting...we'll just have to see in the Fall. Right now, I'd put money on Bobo calling more passing plays to make good use of AJ Green before he leaves in 2 years.

All is not lost, Dawg fans. Next year we will be in the position every team wants to be, presumably "rebuilding". We've got a commendible schedule with some big-name teams but it should be considerably easier than 2008's was. We'll have a valuable bye week before the Halloween Cocktail Party in Jacksonville. The Tech streak will end at 1 on their home field. The underestimating begins 9/5/2009 in Stillwater, let the countdown begin!

(only 240 more days)

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