Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Tech Whiteout

After the Alabama loss this year, many Dawg fans were perfectly fine tossing the whole "Blackout" thing away. I, however, sat through the entire game so my wife could scream the words to Rammer Jammer at my ear following the loss...and still enjoyed the Blackout game.

Yeah the loss sucked balls, but you have to admit a Blackout game gets the Dawg fans barkin'. The atmosphere is electric even if the team comes out and poo's on the field. So that being said I think we should bring the Blackout game back into 2010. Take a year off and get our priorities straight so the media can stop with the "Georgia needs to stop caring about fashion" stories.

I went to 2 of the 3 Blackouts (Hawaii and Bama) and thought it was awesome, that's why I have such a hard time understanding this story.

I ate lunch with my wife today, and she brought up a very good point (and not the one telling me I need to ask for dress clothes for Christmas because "Professionals don't wear Georgia sweats and Pink Floyd t-shirts").

So the Nerds are having a tough time getting their fanbase on the Whiteout bandwagon. Mrs. Mackalicious brought up the fact, if they have any recruits coming to watch Tech play a big conference rivalry game...what will that kid think when he looks up into the stands and sees not only A SHART-LOAD of ugly chicks and nerdy looking dudes, but a fan-base divided on an idea meant to support the athletic program. Yeah, it's a long running joke that Tech fans wear 13 different shades of mustard, gold, and yellow and can't decide if they want to match it with blue or black, but if the football program they "support" wants them to wear white and give that GAWD AWFUL stadium some atmosphere for Pete's sake what is the problem?!?

Neither of us could put into words how pathetic and elitist this comes across.

Common complaints against wearing white were:

- “just a silly thing to do.” (sillier than World of Warcraft?)

- "Those who don’t own white Tech gear don’t want to buy something just to wear to one game." (the WORST excuse from a football fan ever!)

- " It will be too cold to wear just a sweatshirt, a problem for those who don’t own white jackets. Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s by the end of the game." (Boo Hoo, did you see the Central Michigan fans sitting in the SNOW last night?!?)

- "They say it’s gimmicky and, if Tech loses, the school will look foolish." (not as foolish as a failed Whiteout)

- "They don’t want to appear as if they’re copying Georgia, which has had three blackouts since last year." (or copying FSU, or Penn State, or Texas Tech, Arizona State, etc... who all do (insert color)-outs)

Anyway, there was one single awesome part of the article, which reads as follows...

“I was telling one of my friends that if we wanted to do something original, we should have a geekout and have a football game at the library,” Pritchett said, “because that’s where everyone is, anyway. It’d be a guaranteed sellout.”


But hearing that people were complaining about having to purchase a white article of clothing to wear once was the gayest thing I've ever heard. Fan Commandment #14 reads "Thou shalt purchase a minimum of 3 t-shirts yearly for your favorite team, and it shall be totally rad!" (Please note, the 20 Fan Commandments were written in the mid-80's so the language is a little dated). Anyway, if you can't find a way to purchase something that is white over the course of a lifetime of football seasons, you should be hanging out with Mr. Pritchett in the library and give me your ticket so I can go boo Tech in person wearing all black, which I'm prepared to do.

(Also, let it be know I'd boo Tech in person, but deep down inside I want them to win every game of the year...except one.)


Sweetie said...

"It will be too cold to wear just a sweatshirt, a problem for those who don’t own white jackets."

Have they never heard of layering clothes?

Tech fans must really WANT to be known as a bunch of whiny faux-fans if they can't even get behind this without complaining.

Ally said...

Why would you want Yech to win at anything and anytime against anyone? That's a foreign concept to me, praise Jesus.

j.leonardjr said...

I REALLY hope it fails and the announcers mention they are having a "white out" tonight. That would be some great pub on national TV.

Scott said...

Amen, Ally...I don't want Tech to go 11-1. I want them to go 0-12 EVERY year, preferably all shutouts.

the tri guy said...

Ease up guys, they were just shy of a sell-out tonight. Btw, could ESPN have put together a bigger group of d-bags than the Fowler, James, and Palmer crew? They've REALLY outdone themselves with that one.

Mackalicious said...

Jesse Palmer's an uberdouche. As to why I root for the Nerds when they play other teams, I want them to be as highly rated a team as possible before we beat them. I want their spirits to drop from the highest end of the spectrum to the lowest end. Otherwise, they get used to mediocrity and it doesn't hurt as much :)

Ally said...

I have to disagree. I can apprecitae the theory, though. However, this rivalry has always been and, God willing, will always be different. Its why its called Clean Old-Fashioned HATE. Yech wants more than anything to beat everything and at anytime. They could care less if they lost every game in the season just as long as they whip the Dawgs - just ask Chan Gailey. Some yech fans won't admit it anymore, because recent history has been so humiliating. But, just take a look at the message boards in the last couple of days - yeah, they want to win the acc, but beating UGA is MUCH bigger. They're salivating & have been working all season for this ONE game. Its the sole reason why PJ was hired....just to beat UGA.

By the same token, its why Donnan was fired. Losing to yech is absolutely unacceptable. EVER. And if Willie thinks the heat on him is bad now, he has no clue what big Boosters will do to him if he shats the bed next Sat.


Mackalicious said...

Agree to disagree.