Monday, November 24, 2008

Perhaps Zook will be available again.

Someone actually thinks Urban Meyer will leave Florida for Notre Dame. That's pretty much the equivalent of Kirk Herbstreit's boyfriend leaving him for Lou Holtz. You're gonna get lovin' either way...but who'd you rather get it from?

Dr. Lou likesth the kind of butt he can sthet his sthoda on.


Ally said...

There are days you make me laugh so hard Sprite comes flying out of my nose. Today is one of those days. Unfortunately I'm in public :-(

Funny nonetheless - can't wait to read what you have planned for yech this week!

the tri guy said...

Urban Meyer leaves Florida for Notre Dame and I will send that guy my next paycheck.

Baxter Sanford said...

Ya know, Urban ran up the score Saturday, proving that he hates Marines and is therefore anti-American. I can't imagine any school would be interested in him, unless there is a madrassa somewhere looking to hire, of course.

However, I was accused of hating Dixie Friday night after being surrounded by Ole Miss boys in New Orleans. After a certain amount of alcohol and listening to Hotty Totty 3,265 times in no less than 3 hours, my calm, inner self could take no more. Just ask my wife....she swears I even sang Rocky Top just to piss them off (but I was drunk, and there's no video, so it never happened).

Go to Hell Georgia Tech!

Mackalicious said...

I think Rocky Top is alright to sing as long as it's in the context to piss off a rival. Back in college I had a live Phish cd where they played Rocky Top and we'd blare it just to piss off all the Auburn fans in our house.