Monday, November 24, 2008

Know thine enemy...

I was checking out the Tech blog I have linked just to see what the scuttle-butt was around the Nerd-o-sphere.

Their big deal about winning this game is preserving the only facet of Tech's record in this rivalry still Nerd positive. The Drought.

We've got more wins, more points, and SEC women on our side. Yet in a "what have you done for me lately" world, they still hold the streak...8 years. Our boys suffered 8 years of Hell from 1949-1956 (and they didn't have the luxery of a Second Life to escape to like Tech does today with their drought).

Theron Sapp broke "The Drought" rumbling for a 1 yard touchdown at Tech's home field in 1958 (which was just called "the field" back then, we now know it as Historic Mark Richt Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium). For his efforts his jersey was retired even without a Heisman like Herschel & Frank or a Rose Bowl victory like Charlie.

Breaking the drought? It was kind of a big deal around here.

I'm not really into the politics of what should or shouldn't constitute a jersey being retired, but I can imagine having 5 straight freshman>senior classes of recruits never knowing what it's like to beat your most hated rival is pretty frustrating. More power to you Theron!

The good news is since breaking The Drought, there hasn't been a single football player at Georgia who hasn't beaten Tech at least once in 4 years of eligibility. NOR has there been a single player who has inspired poetry from his fanbase without incorrectly stating the athlete being from "Nantucket". Per Harold M. Walker circa 1958...

*You can rave about your Sinkwich
And Trippi's praises sing,
While talk about the "Bowl Days"
Still makes the welkin ring.
But to all Bulldog supporters
In every precinct in the South,
I propose a hearty toast
To the man who broke the drought!
Rise up you loyal Georgians
From Tybee Light to Rabun Gap,
Here's to the Macon Mauler,
The mighty Theron Sapp.
I have seen some lovely paintings
In galleries of art,
Gorgeous sunsets on the water
Which stirred the inner heart.
But of all the wondrous visions
Ever seen by eyes of mine,
I'll take old number forty
Crashing through that Jacket line.
And so down through the ages
Whenever Bulldogs meet,
Whether in the peaceful countryside
Or on a crowded street,
The word will still be carried
By every loyal mouth-
Let's stand and drink another toast
To the man who broke the drought!

So after you successfully digest and pass your Thanksgiving Day fill. Make sure you've thanked your God, your Country, and your Momma...then thank Coach Richt for 7 straight years of kicking Tech's collective hind-ends. We as a spoiled-rotten fan base might think this year is disappointing, but looking back it could be a whole lot worse. Yeah, I'd like to beat Florida more than 2 times every 5 years...but much like the dark days of the 50's, these things too shall change.

I did some thinking about it and the last time the North Avenue Nerds beat us I couldn't purchase cigarettes or the REALLY REALLY REALLY dirty porno. Not that I have ever bought either, I'm just putting things into context, I'm a happily married, non-smoking 25 year old man who thinks a really good fried apple pie is waaaaay more exciting than anything Larry Flynt ever put out.

*h/t the Savannah Morning News...I give no credit to GT Sports Blog for linking...NERDS!

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