Friday, November 7, 2008

The hockey post

I originally started this blog for college football and rock & roll. Now that hockey season is in full swing, I reserve the right to toss a hockey post in here every now and then. But first, a little background...

-I played rec league hockey when I was in highschool.

-I loved seeing the Atlanta Knights play when I was a kid even though the Omni was a TERRIBLE venue.

-I was a junior or senior when Atlanta got their pro franchise, the Thrashers.

-It's been a love/hate relationship ever since. Especially the last few years when we weren't competing up to our level of talent.

-I loved Bob Hartley and Don Waddell ranks right up there with Michael Adams in my book for firing him.

-I own the original style "throw-back" jersey the Thrashers stopped wearing...and I still like it best.

But on to last night, I received a few tickets most hockey fans only dream of getting. Thanks to a little business dealings we had VIP access to the arena from a guarded door in a parking deck, a luxury suite with all you can drink beer and all I could eat BBQ pork (it was Aramark grade BBQ, but I'll take it), and center ice seats right behind the penatly box.

This was my view for the initial puck-drop.

This was my view when Garnet Exelby beat the crap out of someone and got thrown into the penalty box.

And I got to meet Thrash.

I'm slated to receive a few more games with my contact and if you're a Thrashers fan with 2 extra GOOD UGA/Tech tickets I might consider the pioneer style barter system if you're feelin' foxy.

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Baxter Sanford said...

Oh yeah, the good ol' days. I went to Knights games all the time. I think it's also the last hockey game I ever went to. Right before the NHL came to town, they threw an exhibition game at the Omni, Boston vs. somebody. The upper level corner nosebleed seats were out of my poor college student budget, and hence, I knew my hockey days would be over once the Knights were gone.

When I moved to Jackson, MS, they had a minor league team here, but it too disappeared not long after I arrived.