Tuesday, November 25, 2008


One of my buddies (who is a diehard Tech fan) changed his Facebook profile picture to this...

Does anyone else think posting a trash-talk motivational poster which includes the black-stripe UGA helmet might be the bigger mistake? Maybe the pre-Dooley square-G logo helmet might be a better time-frame for bragging rights.

Unless you're wanting to talk trash to Ray Goff perhaps a more recent photo would be more appropro. But be warned, if you insult Ray Goff, you're insulting the good name of Zaxby's chicken fingers and I'll have NONE of that!*

...but I will have some of this, nyaughughgugh** (drooling)

*However feel free to go after the whole Aaron's Rent-to-own franchise.
**This is how I imagine the sound Homer Simpson makes when he's thinking about food is written...spellcheck couldn't verify.


The Tri Runner said...

the best part of working for Zaxby's eating all the buffalo fingers you could want.

that picture is making me hungry.

i think i'm going to have that today for lunch.

Baxter Sanford said...

Hmmm....I'll be flying through (I mean delaying in) Atlanta tomorrow. Maybe I should break out a Georgia shirt in hopes of pissing someone off in my spare time at a bar. After all the fun I had screwing with Ole Miss kids last weekend, why stop now?

**word verif. is "juggize"...it's making me laugh for some reason.

Mackalicious said...

Who are you gonna piss off?!? Tech has fans?!?


Baxter Sanford said...

Good one, Mack. I gotta get ready for "de plane! de plane!" now. You and the family have a Happy Thanksgiving. If you hear a scream coming from Atlanta, it's just me after Delta has bumped me...again.

***Geez: "slityr"....is there a reason all my verifications just sound disgustingly naughty??

Goat said...

"Juggize" isn't that the porno mag that Al used to bring home on Married With Children? (Juggies).

Anonymous said...

The black stripe was Donnan not goff.

RedCrake said...

I'll say the same thing I've been saying to Tech fans at work all week:

If I'd has my ass handed to me for 7 years in a row, I'd wait until my team did something before I started talking shit.