Monday, November 3, 2008

The Single Best Political Jingle of our Time

I am 25 years old, yet I know the key to winning any election.

If I ever decide to run for public office, after I spend 60% of my campaign money buying off lude and indecent pictures of myself, I'd spend the remaining 40% on the single most important thing a campaign needs...a jingle.

In honor of tomorrow's election day I present you with a memory most Georgian's like myself could still sing along with regardless of party affiliation.

The year is 1992. There is a little old lady sitting on a front porch swing who proceeds to sing...

"Put Paul Coverdell in the Senate and kick Wyche Fowler out."

...then she follows it up with something to the effect of...

"That Wyche Fowler, he's just like Teddy Kennedy!"

I was 9 years old at the time, yet I would parade around my grandparent's house singing that jingle at the top of my lungs only to get chastised by my granddad about publicly announcing your politics (even though I didn't have a clue who Paul Coverdell was).

If anyone can find a video of this political ad, you might be the hero of election day (link it in comments if you find it).


Baxter Sanford said...

It's not what you asked for, and probably don't care, but last year this commercial became so freakin' famous around here. Basically, Delbert Hoseman is running for Sec. of State. There's a little old lady (actually his grandma) pitching for him, but calls him everything but his real name....Wilbur, Gilbert, Inglebert...and everytime Delbert tries to correct her.

It was so popular that they even did some follow-ups. And of course...he was elected. How can you not win with that commercial??

Mackalicious said...

ha, that's pretty funny. Crazy old people!