Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

I'd like to write a quick post today regarding something I have little to no respect for. That would be our governing tax system.

The first year my wife and I were married, we ended up cleaning out our first year of savings in order to pay our first tax bill together. I will accept blame for this because neither of us had any idea how to properly fill out a W-4 form. Combine that with our status of Married filing separately and we pretty much shot ourselves in the foot.

If you're a liberal or a conservative I can't imagine it matters much, tax season sucks. Since our first mishap I've become more educated in the vast details of our tax system and set out with a personal vendetta against it. That's why even though I think Sean Hannity is somewhat of a D-bag I'll be in Atlanta tonight protesting our country's tax policy.

I've looked at several other plans and personally I find the FairTax to be the most beneficial for the country. The funny thing is I hear people say they like the idea but it'll never happen. Did you ever think the country would be borrowing money from China to give its residents as a "stimulus"? Did you ever think the government would be the main shareholder in any banking operation? Did you ever think your tax money would be helping companies with bad business models continue to do what drove them toward bankruptcy to begin with?

...then don't tell me the FairTax will never happen.

Job growth would explode, take-home income across the country increases, the government still gets the funding it needs to operate, and (for you bleeding hearts out there) the poor are still taken care of.

So take just a minute today and imagine what it would be like to actually take home your full paycheck. Someone making 35,000 per year under the FairTax actually takes home more than someone making $50,000 per year under our current system (unless my math is WAAAAY off). Imagine not being taxed on inheritance from deceased relatives (who have already paid tax on their possessions). Imagine the job growth as the United States becomes a haven for businesses looking to run a more effective operation without payroll, business, and operational taxes.

If you want to see how this would benefit you, click here for the FairTax Calculator.

The whole deal is much bigger than I can cover in a blog post, but do some research. If you think it doesn't effect you because you get money back, you need to get educated. Hopefully people are getting passionate about this stuff because complacency never accomplished anything. These are your elected officials we're talking about, they work because we allowed them to get the job. Let's make sure they're working for us.

So I'm sorry I'm not covering any sports news this morning. Did you really want me to bitch about the Braves/Dawgs losing? I didn't think so.


Josh G. said...

I'm a Fair Tax man all the way, Mack. In order for it to work, they would also need to make income tax unconstitutional. I would be out tea-partying it up, but having a life is preventing me from doing that.

Mackalicious said... you're telling me I need to get a life? You're probably right.

Bernie said...

I'm a conservative in Linder's district. I haven't been a big fan of his (mostly for a way he responded to a letter I sent), but the FairTax will keep me voting for him every time.

Good post on the USAs worst day of the year. Raise some holy hell tonight.

Kaylen said...

Thanks for putting a FairTax banner on your page! I think that the FairTax is the best possible remedy for our economy today. I went to a FairTax rally in South Carolina a couple years ago and it was quite amazing the number of people that showed up in support. People like you that continue to spread the message are helping keep my FairTax dream alive. That's awesome.

Josh G. said...

That is how it sounded now that re-read it, Mack. No, I'm back in school and an online Trig quiz plus a nasty sinus infection kept me from being there last night. I'm not sure if linear equations and a runny nose can really be considered a "life".

Mackalicious said...

I know what you meant Josh, I'm just messing with you, buddy! Though my wife might think you hit the nail on the head.

AuditDawg said...

Nice job bringing this important issue up, Mackie. As someone who's company is highly at risk by any change in the current tax system, I stand firmly behind the Fair Tax (good thing I audit financial statements, and don't do tax returns, right?). It makes too much sense not to do it. This is the only way that you truly tax people fairly.

Like I said, my firm stands at risk to lose a large segment of our business if the tax system were to change, but I still think it's important enough that I contribute to the Fair Tax organization.